Ursus MIURA TS37 EVO Tubular Wheelset

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General Information

Carbon Road Bike Wheels
With thousands of kilometres clocked up all over the world by the champions that have chosen Ursus, MIURA TS37EVO are one of the best-selling Ursus wheels.
Thanks to a 37mm rim made of durable UD carbon monocoque for tubular and a pair of aluminium hubs designed and produced in Ursus, as guarantee of a product made in Italy, the main features are fluidity and aerodynamics.
These are medium profile wheels, therefore suitable for mixed routes, both during training sessions and in the most demanding competitions. In this new EVO version, we lightened the weight of the rim and assembled with the new R40 hub.

The new hub R40 come with an unique design, conceived to mount exclusively straight-head spokes. It ensures maximum wheels rigidity and allows a perfect alignment of spokes and rim holes. A precise design was studied to allow the spokes to fit perfectly with the hub flange. In addition to this the head of the spokes are completely integrated.
You will fully understand the aesthetic beauty of these hubs as soon as you touch their surface. We invented the new VelvetTouch finish; the body of the hub is manufactured with a special process that creates the effect of velvet. The black anodizing at the end of the production process enhances the contrast between the opaque of the hub body and the shiny of the flange grooves, obtaining an exclusive Ursus finish.

Ideal for: ROAD RACING

  • Medium carbon profile wheels for tubular
  • Rim height: 36mm width: 24mm
  • Ursus hubs in alloy with VelvetTouch finishing
  • SKF high-slip ball bearings or CERAMICSPEED® bearings
  • Wheel weight front: 550 gr; rear 700 gr

Specifications :


  • Material: Full carbon fiber UD finishing
  • Wide profile: 24 mm
  • Height profile: 37 mm
  • Braking Surface: Carbon with heating protection shield and resin for high temperature.
  • Diameter valve hole: 6 mm
  • Advised Tire: 28” – ø 700 for tubular


  • Straight pull black 20 front and 24 rear
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Assembly: radial (front wheel) and 16/8 3° crossing drive side | radial (rear wheel)
  • Nipples: external brass type with locking system – black


  • Alloy hub Al 7075 on seal ball bearing high fluidity.
  • Front hub R40 – 20 holes for quick release
  • Rear hub R40 – 24 holes for quick release
  • Compatibility: Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM
  • Quick releases: Ursus WB05 in alloy

Ceramic Speed, SKF




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